The City of Absurdity Lost Highway
a film by David Lynch
Story Board pg. 25

A knife comes into Fred's hand from another.

Mr. Eddy/Dick Laurent (wet and jagged): What do you guys want?

The Mystery Man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little watchman TV. He turns it on and hands it over to Mr. Eddy/Laurent, who manages to take it.

Mr. Eddy/Laurent looks down at the small television screen.

We see the movie screen on a wall in Andy's living room. Marian, Raquel and RENEE'S images are being projected on this screen, simultaneously involved in pornographic acts with two men. Watching this movie in Andy's living room are several people in shadows behind the light of the projector.

Among them we see RENEE and MR. EDDY/LAURENT standing next to ANDY. Mr. Eddy/Laurent and Renee are hot - kissing - his hand is up under her skirt. They are watching the porno film. They are watching murky images of sex turning to violence.

Man sieht ihn um die Kirche schleichen...
Seit einem Jahr ist er allein...
Die Trauer nahm ihm alle Sinne...
Schläft jede Nacht bei ihrem Stein...

Mystery Man (on TV screen): Now you can hand it back to me.
Mr. Eddy/Laurent (wet and jagged): You and me, mister, we can really out-ugly the sumbitches, can't we?

The Mystery Man then leans close to Fred and whispers in his ear.

Dick Laurent is dead.

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