The City of Absurdity Lost Highway
a film by David Lynch
Story Board pg. 12

An unmarked police car pulls up across the street from the Dayton house. In the front seat are the Detectives, Ed and Al. Al, who is on the passenger side, is holding two styrofoam cups filled with coffee. Ed removes from his inside jacket pocket a 5" x 7" photo of Pete Dayton, which he props up on the dashboard so that it is visible for both himself and Al. Al hands one of the cups to Ed.

Pete Dayton is lying on a chaise lounge. His forehead is still swollen, but his eyes are less red. He stares up into the sky - a hot breeze blows over him.

Pete slowly moves up to a sitting position, then stands. He stretches and walks around the yard feeling the dry, unwatered lawn on his bare feet.

He walks over and leans over the neighbor's fence. His eyes fall on a plastic toy boat floating in a child's plastic swimming pool. He watches the boat as the warm breeze blows it lazily in a circle.

Carl: You look like shit.
Lanie: What happened?
Pete: Just haven't been feelin' well.
"V": You're not contagious are you?
Pete: I don't think so.
"V": Good... You up for a drive?

The bowling alley is divided into a game room area, a bar/ restaurant area and a bowling area.

Pete and the group stroll into the bar and take a large booth. MUSIC is playing LOUD.

Sheila: Why haven't you called me?
Pete: Sorry... I...

Sheila looks around and moves closer to Pete. She whispers urgently, worried.

Sheila: What's happening to you? You've been acting strange the other night

Pete: What night?
Sheila: Last time I saw you.
Pete: I don't remember.
Sheila: You were acting like a different person...

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