The City of Absurdity Lost Highway
a film by David Lynch
Story Board pg. 11

The electricity hits Fred.

We are floating down the highway.

The headlights illuminate a figure standing at the side of the road. This figure is a man, PETE DAYTON. Pete turns, unsettled, as he looks directly at us as we move closer to him.

The ghost image of a house appears behind Pete. There is a girl, SHEILA, standing on the lawn in front of the house. She is afraid and is trying to communicate with Pete.

Sheila: ...Pete!...Don't go... Pete!!!

Pete doesn't seem to hear her and continues to stare directly at us. Now Pete seems to move toward us as we move toward him. His head fills the screen.

Fred's blank face begins to contort and take on the appearance, feature by feature, of Pete Dayton.


The MAN in the cell sits still on the cot, staring straight ahead. The man is thin, younger than Fred.

Warden: Well, gentlemen, we know who the stranger is. His name is Peter Raymond Dayton...

Pete's parents, BILL and CLAIRE DAYTON, escorted by a PRISON GUARD, are approaching the Warden's office. It is a long walk along the corridor and the camera examines them in detail as they get closer and closer to the office.

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