The City of Absurdity Lost Highway
a film by David Lynch
Story Board pg. 18

Pete is working on a car. The Mercedes Pullman pulls into the shop. Mr. Eddy gets out with his two assistants. They stay by the car while Mr. Eddy walks over to Pete. Mr. Eddy smiles.

Mr. Eddy: I'm sure you noticed that girl that was with me the other day... Good lookin' blonde? She stayed in the car?...

Mr. Eddy: Her name is Alice. You know I love that girl to death.If I ever found out somebody was makin'out with her, I'd take this...

...and shove it so far up his ass it would come out his mouth... Then you know what?...

Pete (very quietly): What?

Mr. Eddy: I'd pull the trigger and shoot him right between the eyes.

Alice: Meet me at the Starlight Motel on Sycamore... I'll be there in twenty minutes.

Alice: He'll kill us.
Pete: Are you positive he knows?
Alice: I'm not positive... but... he knows.

Alice: We have to get away... We have to get some money... I know a guy... He pays girls to party with him... He always has alotta cash...

Pete: Have you partied with him? Alice: I used to.

Inside, Pete goes crazy with jealousy.

Pete: You like it?
Alice: No, honey... It was part of the deal.
Pete: What deal?
Alice: He works for Mr. Eddy.
Pete: What's he do?

Alice: He makes films for Mr. Eddy.
Pete: Pornos.
Alice: Yeah.

Alice: It was a long time ago... I met someone at this place called Moke's... We became friends. He told me about a job...
Pete: In pornos?
Alice: No... A job... I didn't know what.
He set up an appointment for me to see a man.

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