The City of Absurdity Lost Highway
a film by David Lynch
Story Board pg. 21

Andy's House: A movie projector is running in the living room. A porno film is being projected on a huge screen at the far end. Alice is in the porno film. A man is fucking her from behind - with LOUD SLAPPING SOUNDS of flesh banging flesh. Her face is in the foreground. Her eyes look out directly at Pete. She is loving every minute of it. Inside Pete, jealousy starts to rage out of control. He looks around. He sees clothes scattered about. He picks up a girl's sweater and smells it. He looks up the stairs.

Man sieht ihn um die Kirche schleichen...
Seit einem Jahr ist er allein...
Die Trauer nahm ihm alle Sinne...
Schläft jede Nacht bei ihrem Stein.

An accident catapults Andy into the corner of the rectangular glass-topped coffee table. There is a sound like a hammer going through a bucket of eggs as the glass corner embeds about eight inches into Andy's forehead.

Alice (amazement - no feeling): Wow!
Alice: You all right?
Pete: We killed him.
Alice: You killed him.
Pete: Alice?

Alice: It was an accident... Accidents happen every day.
Pete clutches her, eyes squeezed tight, as if he is holding on for dear life.
Pete: Alice...
Alice (pushing back): We gotta get the stuff and get out of here.

a photograph

Pete: Is that you? Are both of them you?

Alice kneels next to Andy's body and quickly removes his Rolex wristwatch, a couple of rings and the gold chain dangling from his neck. These items she puts inside the empty pillowcase.

Pete starts to reel - blood from his nose soaking his shirt.

Pete staggers toward the bathroom at the rear right of the hallway. THE HALLWAY SUDDENLY BECOMES HAZY, DIFFERENT AND LONGER THAN IT APPEARED TO BE.

Pete wanders down this "changed" hall. On his left, he identifies a door with the number 25 on it. He pauses for a moment in front of it, then goes on until, on his right, he comes to a door with the number 26 on it. He enters through this door.

Pete now sees that the woman is an extremely whorish version of Alice - she's looking at Pete's reflection in the mirror. He's looking at her reflection in the mirror. Pete's head is pounding.

Woman/Alice (to Pete): Did you want to talk to me?
(laughs) Did you want to ask me "why"?

Pete comes downstairs to the living room and sees Alice at the desk in the corner, filling the pillowcase with cash and jewelry.

Alice: Look at all this shit... I know a fence... he'll give us money and get us passports in exchange for this and the car...

We can go anywhere.

Alice: Don't you trust me Pete?
Stick that in your pants, Pete.

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