The City of Absurdity Lost Highway
a film by David Lynch
Story Board pg. 6

Renee finds another envelope on the doorstep. She opens it, pulls out a videotape.

A large dog is BARKING incessantly somewhere in the neighborhood. Renee looks around to see if she can see the dog.

As before, we first see it on the TV, then the videotape fills the frame. This tape shows the front of the house, as before...

Renee: That's the same thing.

Fred: No, not at all.

...then shows the INTERIOR of Fred and Renee's house - AT NIGHT.
The eerie DRONING SOUND goes throughout.

The camera glides at a very high angle near the ceilings looking down as it travels along a hallway...

...and turns into their bedroom...

...where we see Fred and Renee sleeping.

The tape image then goes to snow.

Fred and Renee stare at the snowy TV picture. After a few moments of silence, Renee gets up and switches off the set. She is visibly shaken, trembling. She stares fearfully at Fred who seems less disturbed.

Renee: We've got to call the police.
Fred: All right.

Renee: Someone's been in the house... at night... while we were sleeping... I know because they sent, dropped off a videotape... two videotapes... to show us...
That's right... Yes... it... the second one... shows us asleep...

Someone broke in and taped us while we slept!... Isn't that enough?...
Okay, sure... We will... 442 Hollis... near the observatory...

Fred: So?
Renee: Two detectives are coming out.

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