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Natasha Gregson Wagner (Sheila)

I wouldn't say that I understand the script completely, but I like that. I know that when I see the movie I'm going to be surprised by how it all fits together. We all have our own fantasies about what the secret of Lost Highway is. At times, in David's direction, he'll give you an idea and you'll think you're on to something. Then the next day it will be completely the opposite.

I think it's up to everyone's own imagination [what happened the other night]: the audience's, and that of the actors playing the roles. If you want to be incredibly literal you could be, but I don't think this is the place to be incredibly literal. I filed my literal side away. For another movie.

"David Lynch gets all his stuff from dreams and meditating. He's a wonderful guy. Lost Highway was wild. The first day I was working on Lost Highway, I was in my room in the hotel and they were putting body makeup on me so I was pretty naked. Standing there. And he knocked on the door and I put my towel on, and he was like (affects Killer Lynch nasal- clipped speach pattern) 'Hi buttercup, listen, in this scene Balthazaar is going to be pounding you, just fucking you really hard, and we're going to be doing a beautiful close-up of your face,' and I was like okay, and he's like 'great, I'll see you outside.' That was it. And I just loved that about him. The worst is when directors are like (Wagner drops to condescending sotto voce) 'Are you okay? 'Cos today's the love scene,' and I just wanna go... (she rears up, gives the finger with both hands and hisses) fuck you!
I just like it when they're just okay let's go."

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