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  David Lynch
911: David Lynch, Phone Home
Filmmaker Interview w/ David Lynch, by Stuart Swezey, Winter 1997

Cinefantastique David Lynch Interview
by Steve Biodrowski, April 1997

Transcript Moving Pictures Set Report, 1996
Lynch, Gifford, Sweeney and others talk on the set about the film

Mr. Contradiction
By Chris Rodley, Sight and Sound, July 1996

Lynch Law
Village Voice Interview Interview w/ David Lynch, February 1997, by David Yaffe

by Mark Kermode, Q Magazine Interview and Article, 1997

Weird at Heart
by Gaby Wood, The Guardian Interview and Article, July 1997

Head Trip: David Lynch
by Stephen Todd, Article and Interview in "Black & White", April 1997

Highway to Hell, 1997
David Lynch and cinematographer Peter Deming talk with Stephen Pizzello about many filming aspects of Lost Highway.

The Road to Hell
by Dominic Wells, Fall 1997

Lost and Spaced
by Stuart Husband, Arena, September 1997

Is David Lynch Just a Little Weird?
by Chris Gore, Film Threat Interview w/ David Lynch, April 1997

Do not annoy David Lynch when he's driving.
By Elizabeth Snead, USA TODAY, 1997

David Lynch's Burning Passions
By Jan Stuart, Newsday, March 9,1997

Lynch tries to regain the peak
by David Giammarco, Toronto Globe and Mail, February 24, 1997

Out to Lynch
by Bob Thompson, Toronto Sun, Sunday, February 23, 1997

David Lynch takes Lost Highway to Baker
By Veronica Hill, December 15, 1995

The World Reveals Itself
design magazine form Interview w/ David Lynch, 1997

Mystery is like a Magnet
transcript of TV interview plus Interview with Swiss film magazine Zoom, March 1997

Interview with Italian film magazine Ciak, 1997
translated from Italian

Lynch Highway
French "Premiere" David Lynch interview/article, January 1997, by Gerad Delorme, translated from French

Lost Highway - Lynch Interview
by Mikal Gilmore, Rolling Stone, March 6, 1997

The Mobius Strip
"Positif" Interview w/ David Lynch, by Michael Henry, translated from French

La Leçon de Cinema
by Laurent Tirard, interview/ article from French film mag "Studio" (only in French available)

Cahier du Cinema Lynch Interview
only in French available

Dr Schizo and Mystère Lynch
L'Express David Lynch Interview, issue #9/1/97, only in French available

LOST HIGHWAY: The Solution
by Steve Biodrowski, Cinefantastique April 1997, Barry Gifford Interview

America's most enigmatic filmmaker chases his demons down a Lost Highway
by Bob Strauss, e-online April 1997

Barry Adamson Lost Highway Interview

Psyching Out Lynch
by Jason Cochran, Entertainment Weekly, February 21, 1997

you find some more interviews in German in the German version of this site

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