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The Lynch Film, by Rebecca Paiva

V. Stars

The last factor of genre is the stars, or the actors that appear in the films. For instance, Arnold Schwartzenegger appears in many action/adventure films, while Jimmy Stewart appears in many suspense films. Similarly, David Lynch has his band of actors who appear in many of his films. Jack Nance, who portrayed Henry Spencer in Eraserhead, also appeared in every single one of Lynch´s works with the exception of Elephant Man -- he later regretted missing out on that one. Kyle McLachlan, also known as Agent Dale Cooper, also appeared as Jeffrey Beaumont in Blue Velvet, and also starred in Dune. Other frequent actors (too many to list all roles) include Laura Dern, Frances Bay, Catherine Coulson, Sheryl Lee, Harry Dean Stanton, Grace Zabriskie, Michael J. Anderson, Julee Cruise, Sherilyn Fenn, Isabella Rosselini, and Charlotte Stewart.

Apparently, Lynch has satisfied all four requirements to satisfy the distinction of "The Lynch Film" as a genre. But I did leave out one similarity between all of his films - the happy ending. However sick and polluted the plot might become, however hopeless the characters might appear, the ending is always peaceful, hopeful, and uplifting. However, it is not a Hollywood ending in the strictest sense. Lynch simply believes that there is more light in the world than darkness; and goodness will triumph in the end. As he puts it, "I like darkness and confusion and absurdity, but I like to know that there could be a little door that you could go out into a safe life area of happiness." (Hartmann)

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