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  Lynch's Works
About The Third Place – A concentration of lynchian themes
Essay by Ludovic Ligot, Paris 2001

Organic Phenomena: DAVID LYNCH's Deepening Mysteries
By Brett Wood, Art Papers, 22/5 Sept.Oct 1998

The Lynch Film
by Rebecca Paiva, 1997

David Lynch Keeps His Head
by David Foster Wallace, 1996

The Heart of The Cavern
by Sean French, 1987


In Heaven
by J.D. Lafrance, 1997
Online Guide To Eraserhead
by Ray Wolfe, 1995-97


  Blue Velvet
Revolting Yet Conserved: Family "Noir" in "Blue Velvet" and "Terminator 2"
by Fred Pfeil, Center for the Humanities Oregon State University, May 1992
The Oblivious Transfer: Analyzing Blue Velvet
by Lesley Stern, 1991


  Twin Peaks
The Detective in 'Twin Peaks'
by Andreas Blassmann, Freiburg University, April 1999

An essay comparing Twin Peaks & One Hundred Years of Solitude
by Wayne Ray, 1993

Desire Under the Douglas Firs
by Martha P. Nochimson, 1992

The Ultimate Struggle of Good Vs. Evil Right In Your Own Backyard: A Mythological Look At Twin Peaks
by Ryan Walsh, 1997


  Lost Highway
Lost Highway: Unveiling Cinema's Yellow Brick Road
by Reni Celeste, 1997

David Lynch Keeps His Head
by David Foster Wallace, 1996

Lost Highway
by Nenad Ilic, 1997

Lost in Dakness and Confusion: Lost Highway, Lacan, and film noir
by Thomas Caldwell, 1997

On the Lost Highway: Lynch and Lacan, Cinema and Cultural Pathology
by Bernd Herzogenrath, 1999

More Deeply Lost: Lost Highway and the Tradition of Alienation in Film Noir
by Simon McKenzie, 2003


What does chaos theory have to do with art?
by Dean Wilcox, 1996, on Industrial Symphony
Mystery of the two Davids
by Dr. Christopher Sharrett, 1997

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