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Lost Highway: Unveiling Cinema's Yellow Brick Road

The First Toll Again

Pete transforms into Fred and rises to follow Alice to the house, but she has been displaced by the Nameless Man. Fred is chased to his car by the Nameless Man who films his flight with a video camera. Fred stops eventually at a dusty motel named the Lost Highway. In the adjoining room his wife Renee is fucking Mr. Eddy. She leaves and he enters and bludgeons Mr. Eddy and stuffs him in his trunk. Somewhere on the road he stops and with the aid of the Nameless Man, now configured as ally and double, he kills the man he now realizes to be the enigmatic Dick Laurent. He then rushes home to deliver into his intercom the original phantom message to himself that 'Dick Laurent is Dead.' The police are now waiting outside and a car chase commences. We leave Fred hurling down the lost highway toward yet another point of exchange.

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