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November 1997:

David Lynch is not directing DRIVEN TO IT. The script was brought to his company by Robert Bauer (Johnny Horne in Twin Peaks) & Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs in Twin Peaks). Robert Bauer is directing, and Dana Ashbrook is the lead. Lynch's company is helping with development and finance for the picture, and David Lynch will Executive Produce. It will be produced by the new PICTURE FACTORY entity, David Lynch's new company that will be developing film and television projects.

The October new-film rumors are still unconfirmed. Lynch is apparently still working with Angelo Badalamenti on the Jocelyn West album (see music page).

October 1997:

MTV news has reported that The Dust Brothers are working on a soundtrack for the next David Lynch film called "Driven To It."

I'm not sure if that's related to the rumor that he purchased or considers purchasing the right to "Severed: The True Story of the Black Dahlia Murder" by John Gilmore on the mysterious Elizabeth Short murder in 1947.
A paperboy discovered her nude body in a vacant Hollywood lot on Jan. 15, 1947. Her corpse, sliced in half at the waist, was mangled, bruised, and badly battered. Her organs had been removed, her body drained of blood, and her face slashed almost from ear to ear. Grass had reportedly been forced into her vagina, and she had reportedly been sodomized after death. Rumors of henna in her hair and "BD" carved into her body, as of yet to this outlet, have not been verified.

see also the 1997 Filmmaker Interview with Lynch where they talk about the book and the case.

"My throat's sore," said David Bowie after his show in front of 600 people at the cozy Hollywood Athletic Club. "I'll supply all the lozenges you need," said director David Lynch backstage, "but only if you visit the set of my new movie."
(Oct 30, 1997 Rolling Stone Magazine) What does that mean? No idea. I can only say don´t get too excited about that. It´s rather impossible that Lynch is already working on a new movie. Bowie would be perfect in Ronnie Rocket cause he is "not too normal for it" but there is almost no chance that Lynch makes Ronnie Rocket since CIBY 2000 rejected it and Lynch has to fulfill a three picture deal.

In a recent interview Portishead answered the question that their new album would sound as if they want to get the job of David Lynch´s composer Angelo Badalamenti with: "That might be true." And "After all has David Lynch used one of our songs for a TV-movie lately."
I have no idea what Lynch movie they`re reffering to. It`s most likely that it`s "Nadja" from 1996 for which Lynch was responsible as the Executive Producer and where he had a short cameo in the morgue sequence.

June 1997:

David Lynch directed a series of commercials for "Clear Blue Easy One Minute" a home pregnancy test.
more information at the Commercials Site.
He also directed and produced 4 ads for the Sci-Fi channel: "Nuclear Winter", "Dead Leaves", "Rocket" and "Aunt Droid".

May 1997:

As seen in Toby Keelers documentation "Pretty As A Picture - The Art of David Lynch" is/was Lynch recording some new music together with Angelo Badalamenti. The documentation showed them recording a new song "And Still" together with the Scottish violinist Jocelyn West.
You can get a sound sample at David Stewarts Angelo Badalamenti site.

March 1997:

David Lynch is presenting a furniture collection at the world's most important and famous furniture exhibition, the Salone del Mobile in Milan (in April).
(see also David Lynch Furniture Page)

There was an exhibition of his paintings in Paris ( Gallerie Piltzer, January 14 - February 22).
(see also Paintings and Drawings page , where you can take a look at some of the paintings.

December 1996

There were rumors earlier this year (1996!) that David Lynch has purchased the film rights for the novel "Mucho Mojo" by Joe R. Landsdale.

Some speculate that "Ronnie Rocket" could be the next project (but that seems rather impossible for now, since CIBY 2000 decided to pass on it).

David Lynch still plans to film "The Metamorphosis" ("Die Verwandlung") based on Franz Kafka's novel. This is one of my favourite books and definitely one of my dream Lynch projects. (Lynch might me the only living director who could film it)

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