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JC Decaux
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  Sun Moon Stars 1994

Ad for the Karl Lagerfeld fragrance starring Daryl Hannah.

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  The Instinct of Life 1993

Ad for Jill Sander.

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  American Cancer Society 1993

"Revealed" is a public service message about breast cancer Lynch directed for the American Cancer Society.

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  Barilla Pasta 1993

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  Alka-Seltzer Plus 1993

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  Georgia Coffee 1993

A series of four commercials featuring Agent Cooper searching for a missing Japanese woman in Twin Peaks. The commercial was only aired in Japan.
David Lynch: "...pretty fun to do. The canners did not like the commercials. They wanted them to be more traditional".

starring Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Cooper), Catherine Coulson (Log Lady), Michael Horse (Hawk), Harry Goaz (Andy) and Kimmy Robertson (Lucy)

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  Gio, Armani 1992

2 minutes and 30 seconds long black and white commercial for Giorgio Armani. He called Lynch and asked him if he would have an idea for his new fragrance. Lynch sent him the concept for the ad as a little poem which Armani liked and they had a deal.

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  We Care About New York 1990

A public service message at New York City's rat problem , directed by Lynch in black and white. Cinematography by Frederick Elmes.

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  Obsession 1990

A series of four commercials for Calvin Klein directed by David Lynch centered around the four famous authors Gustave Flaubert, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and D.H. Lawrence.
cinematography by Frederick Elmes.

Advert in black and white starring Lara Flynn Boyle (who played Donna Hayworth in "Twin Peaks"):

A man and a woman embrace. Through a voice-over, a narrator quotes from Gustave Flaubert (whose name appears briefly on the screen)," Afterwards she would wander through the room exploring it. She would open draws and look at herself in the shaving mirror." There is a shot of a woman's distorted face in a large round mirror. The woman picks up a pipe and puts it in her mouth as the narrator continues. "Often times, she would place his pipe between her teeth. The one he kept on his night table amongst the lemons, the lumps of sugar, and the jug of water."
There is a close up of the woman's face." It took them over a quarter of an hour to say goodbye." The commercial ends with a close up of the Obsession perfume bottle."
(taken from Wrapped in Plastic no.19)

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  Opium 1990

David Lynch directed in 1990 his first commercial for Yves Saint Laurent in color.
cinematography by Frederick Elmes, music by Angelo Badalamenti.

Lynch: "the ad has an oriental theme. A woman opens a bottle. It's a very sensual commercial. You recognize it right away when you see it. It was a lot of fun doing it."


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