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  About the music

David Lynch (Writer/Director)

Question: Why did you delete the lyrics in the film?

David Lynch: "The lyrics, Chris, they're really super. But it's hard to use lyrics in a film cause they fight against the dialogue."

Question: What attracts you to Isaak's music?

Lynch: "It's very soulful."

Angelo Badalamenti (Composer)

"It's just great cinematic stuff, that's all. It's refreshing, original. There's never been anything like it. It has humor mixed with violence. And I played off that. In one scene, Sherilyn Fenn is in an automobile accident and gets bloodied up. And the music is very light, early sixties teenage music. It worked beautifully against it."

"When David was coming in from the airport to work on Wild at Heart, he heard something on the radio that he loved. Then he told me he wanted a sound like a dark Spanish symphony because the story takes place in New Orleans and Texas. When I started writing things, he said – 'What you're writing is what I heard this morning in the car!' It's pretty remarkable. It's an incredible marriage between us. It's the sound and pictures of immediate emotion.We're both so busy, the pressure puts us both on a high. Other people try to question it. We just ... don't. We don't have time. It's wild."

David Slusser (Music Editor)

"In Wild at Heart, Lynch really relied on me again for that flexability. Since the picture never locked, even during the mix, he painted himself into a few corners with the existing music. He went out driving late one night during the course of the mix, and heard an old song on the radio that inspired him with some unifying musical ideas. The next day he asked me to put a band together and do some knockoffs. I had the guys in the scoring stage by late afternoon. He was really happy with what I came up with, and asked me to do one of Angelo's themes as well. Now we were cooking. We ended up with David conducting us doing atmospherics for underscore. He used a great deal of it in the film, as well as conducting me playing low string pads on a synclavier in the final mix."


  Soundtrack CD

  1. Richard Strauss: Im Abendrot (excerpt) 1:47
  2. Powermad: Slaughterhouse 5:22
  3. Angelo Badalamenti: Cool Cat Walk 3:27
  4. Nicolas Cage: Love Me 2:56 (lyric)
  5. Them: Baby Please Don't Go (lyric)
  6. Koko Taylor: Up in Flames (lyric by D. Lynch, music by A. Badalamenti) 6:16
  7. Chris Isaak: Wicked Game 4:07 (lyric)
  8. Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps: Be-Bop a Lula (lyric)
  9. Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra: Smoke Rings 3:03
  10. Rubber City: Perdita (music by D. Slusser and D. Lynch) 4:13
  11. Chris Isaak: Blue Spanish Sky 3:59 (lyric)
  12. Angelo Badalamenti: Dark Spanish Symphony (edited, String Version) 2:36
  13. Angelo Badalamenti: Dark Spanish Symphony (50's Version) 2:43
  14. Angelo Badalamenti: Dark Lolita 2:16
  15. Nicolas Cage: Love Me Tender 3:00 (lyric)

Produced by David Lynch, Peter Afterman, Diane DeLouise Wessel

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