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by Mitchell Fink,
People, June 18, 1990

When David Lynch's violent and sexually explicit film Wild at Heart grabbed top honors last month at the Cannes Film Festival, there was much speculation about whether the film would get an X rating in America and how Lynch might alter it, if he were so inclined, to ensure that it wound up an R picture. But what most of the viewers at Cannes didn't know was that Lynch, 44, the co- creator of ABC's Twin Peaks, had already taken scissors to Wild at Heart even before its festival showing.

Originally, in one of the movie's scenes a man and a woman blow off another man's head with a gun and then kiss over their victim's headless torso. Disgusting? Some of Lynch's friends thought so when he screened it for them months before Cannes. Invited guests walked out of a screening in Los Angeles because, as Monty Montgomery, one of the film's producers, admits, ''the scene grossed them out.''

Lynch's reaction was to leave the murder in but soften the footage that immediately followed. Wild at Heart stars Laura Dern and Nicolas Cage and opens in August.


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