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by Alan Pergament,
The Buffalo Evening News, November 15, 1990
with many thanks to Michelle L. Zafron

Jonathan Shaw editor of every third episode of TP (and a native of my home town) was interviewed by Alan Pergament for the Buffalo Evening News. Some of the more pertinent things said:

"BOB works in wardrobe." He's a wardrobe assistant. Lynch saw him and liked him enough to choose him for BOB's part mostly on the basis of his "look".

To end the BOB as good guy giving Laura CPR once and for all (although how you could see BOB as good after the 11/10 episode is beyond me) David Lynch was reading the article and Shaw saw his reaction. Lynch was laughing.

Shaw also said that he knew all along that Leland was the killer and that they were not making it up as they went along. However, he also said, "I knew that was the way it was being groomed. But if there was an overwhelming theory that Leland did it, I'm sure they would have gone another way with it."

Ray Wise wasn't the only actor filmed looking into the mirror and seeing BOB. Richard Beymer was looked in the mirror.

The next episode is being directed by Tim Hunter ("The River's Edge")

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