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Illuminate the Blackhawk Bridge

  Alvin Straight crosses the Blackhawk Bridge We are writing about the "Blackhawk Bridge" in Lansing Iowa, which was highlighted in the movie "The Straight Story". A group of local citizens wants to be sure this bridge will stand for many more generations and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the bridge. The plan is to highlight this beautiful archetectural structure and install permanent lights on outer peripheal of the bridge. To date we have raised just over $18,000 from local donations. The project will cost $55,000. We have written some grants with no success, due to the fact we are very small community and the project does not generate permanent jobs; also the project does not qualify for many grants because the budget is too small. All of this has been disappointing, but we continue to be creative and seek support from a variety of people, who know first hand how fantastic this bridge is.

Alvin Straight arrives at the Blackhawk Bridge All donors will be noted on a permanent sign to be located near the bridge and also honored at a celebration to be schedule this summer. The goal is to have the lights turned on in coordination of our towns celebration in August, 2001. Thanks for listening to our creative and unique project!

Questions can be returned to this email address or by calling 319/568-3231. (P.S. The local folks sure got a thrill out of seeing our bridge in the movie!)

Bruce ReVoir


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