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David Lynch

Work on films

"I love shooting. I love every aspect of it. Just when you're getting tired of shooting you go into another thing. It's a fantastic process."

"I usually do have a pretty good time when I'm working. But sometimes it's pure terror. There are mornings when I'm going to the set and I want to go anywhere but there because there are just too many things that can go wrong. How can I face this? It's too much! It can all go wrong and you can die the death. But, basically, I'm having a great time doing all the stuff I do."

"When you're in the middle of a movie, you just can't go out and see other people's - it ruins your concentration. Especially for me, because I immerse myself in my own little world, one in which I'm completely happy."

"It's a simple thing he [Frank Daniel] taught me. If you want to make a feature film, you get ideas for 70 scenes. Put them on 3-by-5 cards. As soon as you have 70, you have a feature film."

"I don't think about technique. The ideas dictate everything. You have to be true to that or you're dead."

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