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David Lynch


"Wood is beautiful stuff. I could talk a long time about wood."

"Well, wood is a very special material, and since the dawn of time people have been chopping down these trees and working with wood. Most wood will take a nail and not split apart. And wood can be cut with a saw and carved with chisels and smoothed. It has this beautiful grain, there's something that goes right to your soul."

"Wood talks to you and you can relate to it. It's such a pleasant material and so user-friendly, really. There're so many different types of wood - quite amazing. Wood is more than just a material."

"My father was a woodsman, yes. And wood has played a huge role in my life. So I like building things out of wood, I like chainsawing, I like the smell of the wood, I like the look of a tree, particularly my father's favourite tree was the Ponderosa Pine. The wood is... everything all the fairy tales made you feel."

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