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David Lynch


"Sound is almost like a drug. It's so pure that when it goes in you ears, it instantly does something to you. And you can tell if that's working for you."

"The sound adds so much. Everybody's renting videos, but if they could hear it on the big screen the way it's supposed to be... it's just the hair on your neck stands up"

"It's important that a film is loud and I hope many people agree. You should be inside of a film when you go into a theater. It shouldn't be way up the front of you. It should surround you, envelope you, so you can live inside a dream. And that's the way it should be, in my opinion."

"Every time I hear sounds, I see pictures. Then, I start getting ideas. It just drives me crazy"

"Actually, I think sound effects are music. You can have a feel for things, and you don't really know where it comes from. And I just have a love for sound effects as music."

"The picture for the most part dictates the sound - music or sound effects - but sometimes in the reverse."

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