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David Lynch


"While I was doing Eraserhead I had 40 coffees every day and I smoked 40 cigarettes. I quit smoking....I quit for 20 years... for one year and a half [I smoke again, that was in 1997].

"Cigarettes are pretty much my worst vice, and I even stopped smoking for 20 years. I spend most of my free time with my family and working on art."

"I started smoking cigars with a friend on Saturday nights and...well, I shouldn't have taken cigars. Now they remind me of Spain... I had an exhibition in Valencia once and I got into it. I was there for only one day, but I'd love to stay there for some years. Spanish people are very creative, very surreal. I never thought about finishing lunch at 6.00 pm and starting dinner at 1.00 am. And everybody's got 2 or 3 cigars in their pockets ... so we were smoking all night long..."

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