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David Lynch

Human Behavior

"Well, its all in the world of human behavior, which is a wide range as we all know. There's so many possibilities in this beautiful thing of humans behaving in this world. And that has a long way to go being explored."

"Human beings are like detectives. They love a mystery. They love going where the mystery pulls them. What we don't like is a mystery that's solved completely. It's a letdown. It always seems less than what we imagined when the mystery was present. The last scene in `Blow Up' is so perfect because you leave the theater still dreaming. Or the end of `Chinatown,' where the guy says `Forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown.' It explains so much but it only gives you a dream of a bigger mystery. Like life. For me, I want to solve certain things but leave some room to dream."

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