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David Lynch


"I haven't set any. I love building fires in a fireplace. It's startling what a unique texture it is. Fire is almost ethereal. There are so many things it causes to happen inside you when you're watching a fire. I think for human beings, always, when you get down to the pure things that exist, like lightning and fire and rock, each one holds so much. It's just closer to the source or something. Wood is beautiful stuff. I could talk a long time about wood."

"Well, it's... It's kinda....It means different things in different situations. When I just think about fire, it's so pure, I don't think about anything else. ... When you said it, I was picturing being in it. [...] But the elements water, earth, air and fire it's no accident that we really like those things, and things get reduced down... Fire is so magical. There's a texture to it that occurs nowhere else. And controlling something like that... It wants to get bigger if it can, and then you're very worried that one will go out! With me, I always think about magic, the unexplainable."

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