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David Lynch


"In a large city I realized there was a large amount of fear. Coming from the Northwest, it kind of hits you like a train."

"Because I grew up in a perfect world, other things were a contrast. When I visited Brooklyn as a little kid, it scared the hell out of me. In the subway, I remember a wind from the approaching train, then a smell and sound. I had a taste of horror every time I went to New York."

"I visited my grandfather there, who owned an apartment building with no kitchens. A woman was cooking an egg on an iron - that really worried me. Every night my granddad unscrewed his car aerial so gangs wouldn't break it off - I could feel fear in the air."

"Industry really impressed me as a kid. Living in the Northwest, I never really saw a big city. When I visited New York, the contrast was so great that I felt a surge of power every time I went near a city. Life is a matter of contrasts. If everything is noisy and a bomb goes off, one is only mildly affected. But, if it's quiet when the explosion hits, one is really affected. That's my love-hate relationship with the city."

"I got the woods out of my system. Now I like cities. I still like the woods though."

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