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"The Cannes film festival is beautifully organized. There, you know, in France, it's a country where the arts are protected and there's so much support for them. And, you know, the red carpet and the traditional procedure it's all geared to make the cinema important and special. And so many great people have come through this festival and it's very important to keep it going and to push cinema forward."

"Well, the Cannes festival is the best film festival in the world and the added suspense of being in competition lends a lot of excitement to it. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Just as it happens in life."

"It's great to be in competition because it adds a whole other dimension to presenting the film and it has the suspense. There's no film better than another film. Each film is its own thing, but it's part of the world's greatest film festival. You never know what's going to happen. Fate is in the driving seat, and so it's a big question, but it's a beautiful question."

on winning the Palm D'Or in 1990 for Wild at Heart
"It was a thrill beyond the beyond. There's nothing better for me."

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