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David Lynch


"Architecture is something to always think about. Design influences my life. I need pleasing spaces. Often my mind drifts in that direction, but I'm not an architect. Although I really appreciate the great architects, and the difference a great design can make to a person."

"Architecture or space is all around us. But capturing space in a really pleasing way is an art form in its own right. And there're very few people who can do it.. Most houses, generally speaking, and especially the modern US approach, more or less destroy something inside. They're devoid of design. I think they suck happiness away from people, and it's really hard to live in those kind of places."

[Architects I admire most are] "From Bauhaus, all the students of the Bauhaus School, and Pierre Chareau, he did the House of Glass in Paris, Ludwig Mies van de Rohe, all the Wright family, Rudolph Michael Schindler and Richard Neutra. I like really beautifully designed, minimal things."

"I love Ray and Charles Eames. I like their designs."

"He [Vladimir Kagan] was kind of famous in the 50's and his designs are coming back into vogue now, as is the work of Charlotte Perriand, who worked together with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. They're getting recognition again. And rightly so. "

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