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The Detective in 'Twin Peaks'  by Andreas Blassmann

6. Reference List of Sequences

(taken from David Lavery, Full of Secrets, Appendix E: Twin Peaks Scene Breakdown)


Pilot, April 8, 1990 (First Air Date)
Director: David Lynch, Written by David Lynch and Mark Frost

P. 14 Dale Cooper talks on tape recorder about arrival in Twin Peaks.
P.15 Dale Cooper and Sheriff Harry S. Truman talk in the hall. Cooper examines Laura's body.

Episode 3, April 19, 1990
Director: David Lynch; Written by David Lynch and Mark Frost

3.7 Cooper demonstrates the 'Tibetan method' in Twin Peaks' woods (The rock-throwing technique).
3. 13 Cooper's dreams of himself in the 'Red Room' (He is twenty-five years older).


Episode 9, September 30, 1990
Director: David Lynch; Written by David Lynch and Mark Frost

9.1 Cooper has his 'Giant vision'.
9.3 Cooper talks about the 'Freedom from Fear'.

Episode 17, December 1, 1990
Director: Tim Hunter; Written by Mark Frost

17. 4 Cooper receives missing page from Laura's diary, informing him that he and her had identical dream in the 'Red Room'.
17. 9 The Roadhouse 'showdown': With the help of the Giant and the Old Bellhop (from episode nine) Cooper reveals the identity of the killer.
17. 10 Leland is revealed to be possessed by BOB.
17. 12 Leland dies. Cooper guides him "into the light".
17. 13 The men of Twin Peaks ( Sheriff Truman, Albert Rosenfield, Major Briggs and Agent Cooper) discuss the solution of the murder mystery and ponder BOB's true nature.
17. 14 BOB (disguised as an owl) escapes into 'Ghostwood forest'.

Episode 19, December 15, 1990
Director: Duwayne Dunham; Written by Barry Pullman

19. 6 Deputy Hawk explains about the 'Lodges'.

Episode 22, January 26, 1991
Director: Uli Edel; Written by Scott Frost

22. 8 Dale Cooper tells Sheriff Truman about Earle's revenge plot.

Episode 27, April 11, 1991
Director: Jonathan Sanger; Written by Mark Frost and Harley Peyton

27. 2 Windom Earle recounts the story of the White Lodge and the Black Lodge.

Episode 30, June 10, 1991
Director: David Lynch; Written by Mark Frost, Harley Peyton and Robert Engels

30. 2 Windom Earle and Annie Blackburne enter the Black Lodge.
30. 6 Dale Cooper enters the Black Lodge.
30. 12 Dale Cooper is 'tested' inside of the Black Lodge.
30. 13 Dale Cooper leaves Black Lodge with Annie.
30. 14 Dale Cooper looks into the mirror and sees BOB.

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