The City of Absurdity Jocelyn Montgomery with
David Lynch
And Still


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About the song

This song is not included on Lux Vivens. It was done much earlier in a session that David Lynch describes as follows:
She came in for a five minute meeting, it lasted seven hours, and we ended up with this. I wrote the lyrics with Artie Polemisis' wife, Artie runs the studio in New York, his wife Estelle and I wrote the lyrics.
Footage of this recording session can be seen in Toby Keeler's wonderful Lynch documentary "Pretty as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch".
David Lynch about the song:
It's in a pattern of three, three and three.

It's like ... there's ... these are in groups of threes. Like one two three and then there's a break. Four, five, six – a break and then the chorus. It's kinda cold. Cold and warm. Chorus is kinda warm.

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1) The Clouds Move by
A Rabbit Runs
The Trees Are Black

A Woodsman Calls
A Woman Cries
I See The Moon

And Still
I Hear Your Name
And Still
I Hear Your Name

  2) A Garden Wall
A Misty Rain
Cold Stars Look Down

Dark Shadows Dance
The Dragon Moans
An Endless Sky

And Still
I See Your Face
And Still
I See Your Face

  3) ....

music by Angelo Badalamenti
lyric by David Lynch/Estelle Levitt
published by Avalon Music/Botkind Music (ASCAP)
administred by MCA Music Publishing, a division of Universal Studios, Inc.

You can get a sound sample at David Stewarts Angelo Badalamenti site.

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