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David Lynch's Picture Factory will be producing a new TV series based on The Residents CD-ROM game "Bad Day on the Midway" for Ron Howard's Imagine TV studios . This project is in its earliest stages of development and a pilot is not expected to air before the fall of 1999.
The Residents will act as consultants for pilot and will also, presumably, be writing the series bible and soundtrack, and providing the general structure of the show.

The info piece in Daily Variety (July 14) about David Lynch and Neil Gaiman is wrong. They are working with Tony Krantz and Imagine, but not with Neil Gaiman.

News Flash September 24 1998:

Negotiations between The Cryptic Corporation and Touchstone Pictures for the development of the BAD DAY ON THE MIDWAY television series came to a halt today. Executive producer, David Lynch, will be starting a new feature film immediately and does not have the time to work on the proposed series. Touchstone and Cryptic felt that Mr. Lynch was the only person who could handle this tricky material for a primetime series.

The Lynch organization and The Cryptic Corporation discussed other unnamed projects that could be pursued together in the future.

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