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  Ann Miller Taps Into TV Series

By LIZ SMITH, LA TIMES, February 26, 1999

Ann Miller as Coco NEW YORK – Ann Miller, a star from the golden age at MGM, is about to be in the news. She is the tap-happy dancer, singer and actress who was seen in many of the musicals the studio released under Louis B. Mayer. Miller revived her career on Broadway with Mickey Rooney in "Sugar Babies" not too many years ago. And she scored big in a revival of "Follies" at the Papermill Playhouse last season.

Next week she is filming a pilot for a TV series called "Mulholland Drive." In it, Miller will play Coco, the manager of a deluxe Hollywood apartment building. One of her co-stars will be Robert Forster, who nabbed an Oscar nomination last year for "Jackie Brown."

The pilot's producer, David Lynch, is also trying to lure the divine actress Helen Mirren from Great Britain to be in this series. Mirren is the distinguished star of the British drama "Prime Suspect," wherein she plays a beleaguered female detective. She was also the wife of the king in "The Madness of King George."

It boggles the mind, the idea of Miller co-starring with Mirren. But anything to see them both again.

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