The City of Absurdity   Mulholland Drive

  Cyrus proves he has staying power:
'Achy Breaky' guy mixes up old, new at the Tabernacle

by Miriam Longino, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, February 20, 1999

"...Backstage before the show, Cyrus was pumped about the gig. He chatted about the success of his new single, "Busy Man," and the super- secret new TV pilot he just finished shooting with avant-garde director David Lynch. "I can't tell you much about it," he said coyly, "but it's called 'Mulholland Drive' and is a pilot kind of like 'Twin Peaks' was."

Billy Ray and David Lynch? The singer said he had been a fan of the quirky director "since 'Eraserhead,' " and instructed his agent to arrange a screen test. Apparently Lynch liked what he saw, and cast Cyrus in the upcoming TV film. "

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