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LynchLetter #3 August 13, 1999

not much happened since the last issue so I will cut this short.

I) "Mulholland Drive"

"ABC doesn't want Mulholland Drive for fall, and they don't want it for midseason. They don't want it." (David Lynch)

The pilot is not quite dead yet. There is the possibility that this made-for-tv movie will be following in the footsteps of Hitchcock's "Psycho" and become a "originally filmed for television but released theatrically" project. There is some talk that the cast and crew will reunite in the fall so that additional footage can be shot to bring this wonderful piece to completion.

II) "The Straight Story"

Release Dates

USA: October 8 (limited), Oct. 22 (wide) - Walt Disney Pictures
Germany: October 21 - Senator Film
UK: n/a - Film Four
Austria: October 22
France: November 24
Denmark: November 19
Netherlands: December 2, 1999
Poland: January 7 2000, Gutek Film
Czech Republic: April 2000

III) Updates since last issue

There are a couple of new papers in the "essayes&papers" section. Plus some On Location Pictures for The Straight Story and complete Julee Cruise lyrics for both albums. I also made some minor changes regarding the design and look on some pages.

IV) This issues David Lynch Quote to remember:

"Tenderness can be just as abstract as insanity."
(David Lynch)

LynchLetter - The City of Absurdity Newsletter #3, August 13, 1999, Mike Hartmann

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