The City of Absurdity Lost Highway funny how secrets travel...
a film by David Lynch

Please note that some links may no longer work. It's a helluva job to keep track of all those web sites so don't kill me if you end up in a dead end – you know, it's a lost highway...

Mike Dunn's Lost Highway page
This fine page contains many articles, interviews, the movie trailer and more

The Official German Lost Highway Page

Presseheft, Bilder, Gewinnspiel ect. (only in German available)

The Official OctoberFilms Lost Highway page

Lost Highway Review from Shock Cinema

Patricia Arquette talks about Lost Highway
Real Audio Interviews

Francois Lespes Lost Highway page (in French)

The Hammer Lost Highway Site

Chris Marmann's Lost Highway Report

Waldo The Bird's Lost Highway page (in german)

The Sundance Film Festival "Lost Highway" Page

Petr Ohnut's homepage
Here you find the Lynch and Badalamenti Prague interviews

The e-online David Lynch Lost Highway Interview and Review

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