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Some Of Me

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An excerpt from "Some Of Me" by Isabella Rossellini on her and Lynch's relationship.
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"This is a slightly indiscreet story but it is the clearest example I have to describe what constitutes a good director. When David left me I became totally brokenhearted. I surprised myself at how depressed I became. I didn't seem able to climb out of my black pit. I found Martin Scorcese at the Cannes Film Festival. "Martin,David left me,"I said into the phone. "I knew it!"he announced to my complete surprise. "How do you know?" "I knew it when I saw you and David on the news,at the Cannes Film Festival. When David won the Palm d'Or for Wild At Heart he kissed you on the lips in front of the press." "So what?" "Well,you've both been so discreet about your relationship,even if everybody knew you were together. There haven't been any photos-any declarations. If David chose to display his love for you in front of the press adter the 5 years you were together,he obviously had something to hide."

Isabella also mentioned the bee boards and the Chicken Kit,which was accompanied by photographs of each,as seen in "Images".
(Excerpt) "There's the bee board that David made for me to humor my love for animals." and,"A Chicken kit with instructions on how to put back together a butchered chicken like those you buy at a supermarket."

Regarding the scene where she is naked in Blue Velvet,she told a story of how "People came out with blankets and picnic baskets." She begged the assistant director to make them leave,so she could concentrate. However they did not,and she said she just managed to do it,and also mentioned some things about Perdita Durango,who was inspired from portraits of Frida Kahlo. David and Isabella had spoke of her inspiration derived from Kahlo's artwork,and later in creating Wild At Heart Lynch saw a role for her.

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