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Well here's the article from , just at the time the murderer of Laura Palmer was about to be revealed in England. The article was accompanied by some photographs of her by Helmut Newton. I realise there's a reference to David Lynch being a British Film Director, but this was a very good Sunday Supplement magazine to the DailyMail. Some one will have to cut the head off the man who wrote the article.


Revealing all


Isabella's love affair with Twin Peaks director David Lynch may have come to an end, but the gorgeous film star of his films is still in a rebellious mood.

By Paul Kerton

If you're still wondering who really killed Laura Palmer - the boy friend, the log lady, the psychology professor, the drug runner, the trigger happy cop or the cherry pie, - then watch this weeks revealing episode of Twin Peaks, when the murderer will finally be exposed by FBI special agent Dale Cooper's sterling investigations, But will there be a clever twist.

One person who would dearly have throttled Laura Palmer, given half a chance, is Isabella Rossellini, the ex-lover of Twin Peaks director and creator David Lynch. Isabella suffered the angst and pain of David's obsession with the series; now, after five turbulent but happy years together, the couple have decided to split.

In rebellious mood, Isabella has severed all romantic ties." David is obsessed by obsession," she says of the British film director Time magazine once dubbed "Tsar of the Bizarre". What is curious is that the qualities that first attracted Isabella to David eventually caused his downfall. His individualism, eccentricity and whacky idiosyncracies - like never allowing Isabella to prepare hot food in the house "because of the smell" - she finally found tiresome and irritating. During of the filming of the sinister, sado-masochistic film Blue Velvet Isabella thought David the perfect mentor - "I like to extend myself as an actress and David really helped me," she said at the time. She proved she is a woman without inhibition - allowing him to film her in a controversial rape scene before being dumped naked in front of a group of school children.

And she allowed the equally " individual and eccentric " photographer Helmut Newton, to photograph her in stockings and camisole in her favourite hotel over looking the Eiffel Tower.

But she does have limits. On the set of Wild at Heart, David Lynch's follow-up to Blue Velvet, she watched him become progressively violent and weird - saying of one particular savage torture scene: "If it went on for a moment longer, I'd freak".

Since their break up David has sought solace in the arms of Laura Dern, the sensual blonde from Wild at Heart who, at 23, is 15 years younger than Isabella. But the twice-married daughter of the legendary Ingrid Bergman remains unflustered; she is too cool to play games.

She has no men on the immediate horizon but her classic beauty, her wealth, her talent, and her obvious sex appeal ensure an army of admirers - though Isabella questions her eligibility for future affairs. "I have two divorces, a daughter and a career," she says "I don't come free"

Presently she's immerses herself in work. She was recently in Moscow to shoot the Siege of Venice with Tom Conti. Coming up is Les Dames Galantes in which she plays a 16th century social climber the during the Catholic Huguenot religious wars.

For this she payed a modest £150,000 - pocket money compared to her annual multimiliion dollar modelling contract with Lancome. All this from a woman who describes herself as "short and fat with a tummy"

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