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Fragment from Roy Orbison's last interview in The Face

with many thanks to Dominic

Interview by Nick Kent nine days before the big O died

Face: You said you were initially shocked by David lynch's interpreatation of "In Dreams"

Roy Orbison: Oh God! I was aghast, truly shocked! I remember sneaking into a little cinema in Malibu, where I live, to see it, Some people behind me evidently recognised me because they started laughing when the "In Dreams" sequence came on. But I was shocked, almost mortified, because they were talking about 'the candy coloured clown' in relation to doing a dope deal, then Dean Stockwell did that weird miming thing with that lamp. Then they were beating up that young kid! I thought, 'What in the world? But later, when I was touring, we got the video out and I really got to appreciate not only what David Lynch gave to the song, and what the song in turn gave to the film, but how innovative the movie was, how it really achieved this otherworldy quality that added a whole new dimension to "In Dreams". I find it hard to verbalise why, but Blue Velvet really succeeded in making my music contemporary again.

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