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  About the Music

David Slusser

"For TWIN PEAKS, I knew I would have to be flexible as an editor, so I mixed down the modest number of cues Angelo wrote in every combination I could, even separate instruments, and built them differently for each scene, allowing David to transform them during the course of a scene. Certain combinations became themeatic and lasted throughout the series. In WILD AT HEART, Lynch really relied on me again for that flexability. Since the picture never locked, even during the mix, he painted himself into a few corners with the existing music. He went out driving late one night during the course of the mix, and heard an old song on the radio that inspired him with some unifying musical ideas. The next day he asked me to put a band together and do some knockoffs. I had the guys in the scoring stage by late afternoon. He was really happy with what I came up with, and asked me to do one of Angelo's themes as well. Now we were cooking. We ended up with David conducting us doing atmospherics for underscore. He used a great deal of it in the film, as well as conducting me playing low string pads on a synclavier in the final mix. I was flattered when he actually hired me as a composer to do the same sort of thing when he did FIRE WALK WITH ME. I've no illusions about being a film composer, because almost all (Hollywood) films are put together as a marketing package deal, and frequently the director has little input as to who he has as a composer; it's always the same handful."

" I would say Lynch approaches the music as being more integral with the total design of all the sound. He actively crosses the line between music and effects, and it pays off in the incredible atmospheres of his films."

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  Soundtrack CD

  1. Theme from Twin Peaks Fire Walk With me 6:40
  2. The Pine Float 3:58
  3. Sycamore Trees (Vocal by Jimmy Scott, Lyric David Lynch) 3:52
  4. Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do) 7:17
  5. A Real Indication (By Thought Gang, Vocal by A. Badalamenti, Lyric by D. Lynch) 5:31
  6. Questions In A World Of Blue (Vocal by Julee Cruise, Lyric by David Lynch) 4:50
  7. The Pink Room* 4:02
  8. The Black Dog Runs At Night (By Thought Gang, Vocal by A. Badalamenti, Lyric by D. Lynch) 1:45
  9. Best Friends** 2:12
  10. Moving Through Time 6:41
  11. Montage From Twin Peaks (Girl Talk, Birds In Hell, Laura Palmer's Theme, Falling) 5:27
  12. The Voice Of Love 3:55

Produced by David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti
Music by Angelo Badalamenti (except *,**)
* Music by David Lynch
** Music by David Lynch and David Slusser

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  Other Music

music used in the film but not included on the soundtrack:

Requiem in c-minor by Luigi Cherubini
Blue Frank (music by David Lynch)
Dear Meadow Shuffle, Double R Swing (music by David Lynch, David Slusser)


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