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John [aka Jack] Nance: Henry Spencer
Charlotte Stewart: Mary X
Allen Joseph: Mr. X
Jeanne Bates: Mrs. X
Judith Anna Roberts: Beautiful Girl Across the Hall
Laurel Near: Lady in the Radiator
Jack Fisk: Man in the Planet
Jean Lange: Grandmother
Thomas Coulson: The Boy
John Monez: Bum
Darwin Joston: Paul
Neil Moran: The Boss
Hal Landon Jr.: Pencil Machine Operator
Brad Keeler: Little Boy
Gill Dennis: Man with Cigar
Toby Keeler: Man Fighting
Raymond Walsh: Mr. Roundheels
(credited but not in the edited final release version)
V. Phipps-Wilson: Landlady
Peggy Lynch: Person Digging in the Alley
Doddie Keeler: Person Digging in the Alley
Jennifer Lynch: Little Girl



Produced by David Lynch with assistence of the American Film Institute Center for advanced Film Studies

Written and Directed by David Lynch

Camera and Lighting by Frederick Elmes & Herbert Cardwell
Music by Fats Waller,
Lady in the Radiator Song composed by Peter Ivers, Lyrics by David Lynch
Edited by David Lynch


  Other Crew

Alan Splet: sound effects, sound editor, location sound and re-recording
David Lynch: sound effects, special effects, production design
Catherine E. Coulson: assistant camera, assistant to director
Doreen G. Small: production manager
Frederick Elmes: special effects photography

rest of crew:
Jeanne Field, Michael Groody, Stephen Groody, Toby Keeler, Roger Lundy, John Lynch, Dennis Nance, Anatol Pacanowsky, Carol Schreder

special thanks to:
Ron Barth, Mars F. Baumgardt, Ron Culbertson, Frank Daniel, Richard Einfeld, Jack Fisk, Mary Fisk, Ken Fix, Marvin Goodwin, Andre Guttfreund, Marvin Goodwin, Randy Hart, Roman Hart, George T. Hutchison, David Khasky, Jim King, Margit Felligi Laszlo, Paul Leimbach, David Lunney, Mr. and Mrs. David W. Lynch, Peggy Lynch, Sarah Pillsbury, Sidney P. Solow, Sissy Spacek, George Stevens Jr., Antonio Vellani


  Other Data

35 mm, Ratio 1:1,33 Black&White, Mono, Dolby Stereo (Re-edition)

Running Time: 89 minutes
(at Filmex Premiere on March 19, 1977 in Los Angeles: 100 minutes)
Budget: $US 20 000
Location: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

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