The City of Absurdity   The City of Absurdity
Julee Cruise – with Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch


  The Voice Of Love 1993

CD cover
Producer David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti
Music Angelo Badalamenti
Lyrics David Lynch
except * music by, lyrics by Julee Cruise
Warner Bros. Records, CD


  1. Tonight is Our Night lyric
  2. Space For Love lyric
  3. Moving In On You lyric
  4. Friends For Life lyric
  5. Up In Flames lyric
  6. Kool Cat Walk lyric
  7. Until The End Of The World lyric
  8. She Would Die For Love lyric
  9. In My Other World* lyric
  10. Questions In A World Of Blue lyric
  11. The Voice Of Love lyric

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