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About the music

David Lynch (Writer/Director):

about "Song to the Siren" that is now on the Lost Highway soundtrack:

"I heard the song in the 80's and I'm not sure whether it was 85, but I really pretty desperately wanted to use it in Blue Velvet and it was tied up in some sort of legal thing, or it was either that or something involving a lot of money and we couldn't get it. And it broke my heart, but on the other hand not having This Mortal Coil "Song to the Siren" led me to Angelo Badalamenti and Angelo, you know, I've worked with ever since. Angelo really brought me into the world of music, right into the middle of it."

"...the alternative was "Mysteries Of Love", that Angelo wrote and I fell in love with. I didn't think I would, I thought, there's a million songs, how can Angelo write something that is going to take the place of this, and it was strange. It took the place of it, and continued this great, great, relationship I have with Angelo."

Angelo Badalamenti (Composer):

"David loved the way I recorded Blue Velvet with Isabella [Rossellini], but he had another problem with music. He'd heard this song by a European group that he thought really captured the mood of the movie. But the producers didn't want to spend another fifty thousand dollars on the rights-so they asked me if I could write something in that same mood. I said I needed lyrics, and maybe David could write some lyrics since he knew the mood he wanted to create."

So Lynch sent him a piece of paper with six lines for something called The Mysteries of Love.
"It had no chorus, no rhyme and I called David, and said, 'What will I do with this?' He said, 'Something cosmic, angelic, very beautiful.' So I wrote this thing and David went over the moon about it, and then asked me to score the whole movie."

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Soundtrack CD

  1. Main Title (1:25)
  2. Night Streets/Sandy And Jeffrey (3:37)
  3. Frank (3:33)
  4. Jeffrey's Dark Side (1:49)
  5. Mysteries of Love (2:10)
  6. Frank Returns (4:38)
  7. Mysteries Of Love (Instrumental) (4:17)
  8. Bobby Vinton: Blue Velvet*/ Isabella Rosselini: Blue Star (1:48)
  9. Lumberton U.S.A./Going Down To Lincoln (2:12)
  10. Akron Meets The Blues (2:41)
  11. Honky Tonk Part I (3:11)**
  12. Roy Orbinson: In Dreams (2:49)***
  13. Ketty Lester: Love Letters (2:36)****
  14. Julee Cruise: Mysteries of Love (4:23)+
Music by Angelo Badalamenti (except *,**,***)
* Bernie Wayne/Lee Morris
** Bill Doggett
*** Roy Orbinson
****Kitty Lester

+ Lyric by David Lynch

Orchestra: Film Symphony of Prague
Conducted by Angelo Badalamenti
Produced by David Lynch

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