The City of Absurdity   Bue Velvet
Set Story

  by Les Pendleton,
Construction Coordinator for Blue Velvet

Love letters straight from your hear... Just a memory you might enjoy. I was responsible for all of the set construction on BLUE VELVET. I had no idea how off center David Lynch and the film would be. The main set for Dorothy's apartment was the largest and David specified how he wanted arranged in the sound stage. It was the smallest sound stage on the DEG lot due to such a tiny budget. It would not fit the way he requested due to A/C equipment located on the end of the building opposite the entrance. I mentioned this to Patty Norris, the production designer and asked her if it would be OK to rotate the set 180 degrees so it would fit as designed. She said do it. I asked if she wanted me to mention it to David and she said she would do it.

Well, the next morning David came to the set and blew a cork. In reality, David blowing a cork is like Pat Boone being upset over a pimple. "Les, this will never do...never do..." I replied, "why not, the camera doesn't have a compass built into will appear exactly the same on film." He desperate..."In my dream....I'm standing outside of the sound stage looking in....don't you see.....?" All we needed was Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone theme to make it complete. Anyway, thought you might enjoy that true story.

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